I’ve been doing many paintings from my patio garden. It rests on a second floor vantage point, surrounded by 1930 spaghetti of suspended wires. My most labored subject is of a struggling wild rose in a decaying wood plant box. This group represents my favorite paintings inspired by this Rose bush, the geometry surrounding it and the light and shadow plays.

The stories and expressive themes related to this series mimic my world and my circumstances. I live in a small circle of family life as an artist in Venice California. The paintings of this mundane rose bush embody meditations on family relationships, friendships, spirituality, mortality… I’ve always been intrigued by how concerns emerge when making ‘art’. I find that when I get too involved with predetermined ideas, the resulting work does not play out as interesting for me nor is it as opened for a viewer’s imagination.

This series has mostly been explored in watercolors. I really like the immediacy as well as paper. I enjoy the areas that are absent of paint – the opened paper, as an imaginary and expressive space. I hope that a work does not dictate interpretation, but rather is opened enough that it may grow as one experiences it. I’ve always appreciated how art work may expand as one lives with it or experiences over and over at a gallery. I’m also fascinated by compositions I can find between organic and inorganic geometry and the complexity of how plants grow when they’re subjected to challenges.